The Reeds of Riverview

In the early 20th century the Reed family lived in Riverview, Kingsbury Episcopi, which became the hub of a gloving business. Initially using outworkers, the business provided both employment and a focus for social activities in the village.

Southcombe Gloves Established 1847

Southcombe Gloves is one of the oldest glovemakers in the Yeovil area, and continues to thrive. Established in Stoke-sub-Hamdon in 1847, the Company bought the Riverview glove factory in 1961. The Riverview factory continued to operate until 2005.

Betty White

Betty White worked in the Green Hut at Riverview in the school holidays, tying ends. When she left school she started work in the glove factory and worked there throughout her working life.

Doreen Marks

Enjoying needlework and sewing at school, Doreen Marks decided to “give the glove factory a go” when she left school in 1965.

Doris Talbot

Doris Talbot began working as a glover in 1921. She recalls her varied employment at Thorns and Burfields of Martock, and at Riverview glove factory in Kingsbury.

Elaine Heathman

Elaine relates how her varied employment locally, including gloving, fitted around family life.

Jen Tucker

Growing up in a family of glovers, Jen Tucker worked for Aunt Mill and Michael Southcombe, eventually becoming Manager of the factory at Riverview.

Maria Pescod

Maria remembers being an inseam worker at the gloving factory: the hard work, the buzz of the machines and the laughter.

Ruth Robinson

A short film of Ruth Robinson of Martock. She talks about her work in gloving which included delivering gloving work to out-workers in Kingsbury Episcopi 1980-2001.

Sandra Male

Mary Jane Reed, who started the gloving business at Riverview, was Sandra Male’s great grandmother. Sandra relates how gloving was part of her life.