Rodney male cider trees somerset

Rodney Male & Sons

6 Generations of Kingsbury Males

Landowners & farmers and prior to this – farm labourers in the Parish

1. Simeon Male

2. LtoR : Harry Talbot, Archie Male, Jim Male
3. Joe Male
4. Richard Male
5. Rodney Male
6. Jonathan (left) and Andrew (right) behind their parents,
Rodney & Sheila Male, in newly planted orchard
Jonathan Male (right) with friend
On gate: Jonathan Male, Andrew Male & Fiona Chick
In front of the gate, with Denis the Donkey : Josh (left) and Luke (right)
Josh Male
Traditional orchard stewardship with cider-making for farm income & consumption.
Transition from milk & beef production to cider apple growing beginning in the 1970’s to present.

Since 2015, the planting of 70-80 acres of the new varieties, mainly Helen & Three Counties, plus Gilly, Jane & Amanda.

Total acreage of trees – about 240 acres.
The operation is a mix of the new & traditional, with the bulk of the new contracted to Magners, and the traditional to Cornish Orchards.

Jonathan Male