The Ducks

….of Pass Vale Farm, Burrow Hill

From the archive of Esme Cloherty, grand daughter of Charles Duck – senior, and Stuart Russell, her son – great grandson of Charles Duck – junior.

The Ducks On Burrow Hill in 1841
The Tithe Map of 1841 shows plots 662 & 663 – on Burrow Hill as being in the ownership of Robert England. The tenant is Thomas Duck, who is renting a House & Garden with Outbuildings,Pond & Roadway.

One of the earliest photos in the family archive is this, printed on a metal plate, showing barrels being carried by horse & cart.

James Duck was the first in his family to own land. His Will describes how he sold Pass Vale Farm to his son Charles senior for £500. This meant the farm was not split up. The house was built in 1926.
Charles senior, established a mixed-farming practice and began establishing traditional orchards for cider. He ran a dairy herd, kept sheep, grew potatoes, cereals and wheat-straw for thatching. His brother Sam owned the farm next door and also had cider orchards.

His eldest daughter Bertha left home at 14 years old, went to Norwich and became a fashion-buyer for a department store connected to the top London shops.
Charles senior left Burrow Hill to his youngest daughter, Gertrude, who sold it to Charles junior for £1,000 in 1947.

Charles junior continued the mixed farming and cider apple growing and cider production established by his father. 

Charles remained unmarried and without children and sold the farm in 1969 to Juilan Temperley.
Charles retired and moved to South Petherton with his sister
Anna ………
……..from where he could carry on seeing Burrow Hill

Esme Cloherty, neice of Charles Duck junior