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The Locks

The Locks of Kingsbury & Stembridge

William Lock started out by making his own cider at Cox’s Farm in 1908, from a few apple orchards. He made cider through WW1 and WW2 till the late 50`s when he died.
When the public started drinking more cider the Lock family stopped making their own cider and started selling the cider apples commercially to Coates Cider at Nailsea.

They stayed with Coates cider throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s until Coates Cider was bought out.
They then moved to the Taunton Cider Company. The Taunton Cider Company was bought out by Mathew Clarke (Shepton Mallet). We supplied Mathew Clarke for a few years but then moved our full supply of fruit to Thatcher’s Cider which we still supply today.
There have been four generations of cider apple orchard stewardship, development and ownership, to the present day of owning 80 acres in
several locations around the Parish. starting with:
• William & Albert Lock – then
• George, John, Phil, Sidney Lock -then
• Paul & cousin David Lock …. and now
• Paul’s daughters Alison & Catherine Lock
Unique Apple Type
The Lock’s own the variety named:
Father’s Sort or Will Lock’s.
Grown by Grandfather Will Lock from pip &
pommace, it is a hybrid of the Dabinett.
It is still grown at Whitegate as well at Anstey`s and Deadlands.

Apple Varieties Grown
Angela: Jane: New Dabinetts: Vilberry:
Lambrook Pippin: Michelin: Bulmers
Norman: Yarlington Mills: Dunkerton Sweets
Fathers Sort: Green Grocers; Stembridge
Cluster: Stembridge Jersey: Improved Dove:
Kingston Black: Woodbines: Bramley: Newton
Wonders: Black Dabinetts: Stoke Reds: Porters
Perfection: Coat Jersey: Chisel Jersey and Browns.

There are a few more old varieties
grown in the older orchards.
Orchard Locations
• Anstey’s at Deadlands original orchard planted pre WW1
• Farthings on Burrow Way – pre WW1
• White Gate Farm planted late 1930’s
• Edge of Stockditch inter-war years
• Westmoor Some People Call it ‘Bananafield’ 1960s.
• School Fields – including Jim Mounter’s, Wil Mounters & Jubilee Field. The latter was used for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, renamed in order to get a licence.
• Bush Orchard Burrow Way planted 1970 ( by Vere French)
• Arthur Mounter Little Lane planted late 1940`s
• Deadlands Orchard planted early 1990`s
• Bymouth planted 1966 1 of the 4 fields was called John Bobbs.

Paul Lock