The Parrett cider company - next to original coder press Somerset

The Parrett Cider Company

The Parrett Cider Company : founded by Tim Gray & Calum Mcleod

Tim, far right, Calum , second from the left, and working friends.

“We have been making cider since 2012. We are based in Stembridge near Kingsbury Episcopi – at the very heart of Ciderland itself.”

We are passionate about traditional cider and traditional kit. This in terms of both the process of making the cider and the end product itself. We use an old elm twin-screw press.

The mill we use is from Wensley of Mark c.1900 and we use a vintage Lister Petter engine to run it.
“There are some aspects of the process where we have entered the 20th century… old tractors to haul the apples and a picker to save our backs – still far from new though!”
“We keep it as traditional as possible. No additives or sweeteners. We like to keep it dry and natural, like it would have been drunk many, many years ago.”

We never go too far for apples and most of the orchards we collect from are within the parish. This means that we use a lot of the apples which have been developed in Kingsbury. We have a particular interest in the large variety of different cider apples and like to experiment with single-variety cider.

“Our most successful, to-date, have been Dabinett and Tremletts Bitter. We are planning do a lot more of this in the years to come. Also blending apples to make a tasty cider is a skill in itself and we enjoy the challenge of picking different varieties that work together. “
We grew up and went to school together in the Parish.

Tim Gray & Calum Mcleod