The Girls in the Parish.

New apple varieties : resulting from work at the Long Ashton Research Station

As you move about the Parish you will see different sizes of cider apple trees. Over the past few years, especially, there has been a move to plant the new generation of apple trees. They are known as The Girls. A breeding programme at Long Ashton Research Station, building on previous work, and beginning in earnest in 1985, resulted in the creation of 29 new cultivars. Shown here, above and below in more detail, are the names of the main new trees you will find. They have been selected by producers for their particular qualities and our particular local conditions.
Liz Copas who has been a key figure in the development of the new varieties. She has also supported out work in the Parish. Our Thanks. Her book CIDER APPLES : The New Pomona is well worth getting. ISBN 978-0-9568994-2-2


Amanda : Mild Bittersweet.
A tip-bearer with good branch angles. Large Michelin-like fruit. Flowers early May fruit matures mid-late September.


Angela : Mild Bittersharp .
Compact growth habit suited to intensive planting or small spaces. Well flavoured juice. Early Flowering May. Ready late Sept -Early Oct.


Gilly : Mild Bittersharp.
Good to medium sized tree with light weight branches. Flowering early May ready to harvest mid-September.

Helen’s Apple

Helen’s Apple : Bittersweet.
Scab resistant and so popular for ‘organic’ growing. Quite vigorous, with strong upright tree with plentiful spurring. Flowering early May sometimes end of April. Matures late September early October.


Jane : Sweet
Moderately vigorous tree – a tip bearer – spurred laterals at good angles. Large conical fruit – skin reipening to dirty primrose. Flowers mid-May matures late September.

Three Counties

Three Counties : Bittersweet.
Fairly vigorous with good natural central leader. Produces good, regular crops. An early maturing tree. Flowering early May good pollinator for Helen’s Apple.