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Vintage & Rare Cider Apples in the Parish – Botanical Illustration – the work and art of Heather Briggs

Botanical illustration is the art of depicting the form, colour and details of plants, frequently in watercolours. They must be scientifically accurate but often also have an artistic component. Often composed with a scientific reference, their creation requires an understanding of plant structure and access to specimens.
Heather Briggs began working in orchards of the Parish 18 months ago. As a part of her studies in Edinburgh, she decided to focus on cider apples of the local area and teamed up with the Heart of Ciderland Project which was going on in the Parish.
“I live in Somerset very close to some of the most productive cider apple orchards with a unique heritage going back many generations. I approached Julian Temperley of The Somerset Cider Brandy Company & Burrow Hill Cider, with a view to gaining access to the family’s orchards. Julian is one of the nation’s great champions of the true cider tradition and heritage. The vintage apple varieties shown here in my work, are from the Temperley orchards, and were each studied for a year – from bud to blossom to apple, leaf and bark. For me they represent the beginning of my intended journey, in the coming years, through the orchards of Kingsbury Episcopi.”

I went to Wimbledon School of Art at 17 and was awarded a degree place at Brighton Arts College. Lack of a grant meant I was unable to attend.

As a child the family lived near Kew Gardens where I spent hours as a young child exploring the grounds and hothouses. My wish to study Botanical Illustration has been re-ignited having gained a place at Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh.
Our research work for the Heart Of Ciderland Project complements & feeds into Heather’s work. Together it helps to support and broaden an understanding and appreciation of the apple culture, work and history of the Parish.

To-date the following apples have been recorded as botanical illustrations by Heather –
Bloody Turk : Bulmers Norman : Frederick : Tremletts : Yarlington

Bloody Turk

BLOODY TURK – Completed botanical illustration

Bulmer’s Norman

Bulmer’s Norman – completed botanical illustration.


Frederick – completed botanical illustration


Tremletts – completed botanical illustration.

Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill – completed botanical illustration

The work currently in progress…….

The Dabinett

Vintage and Rare Cider Apples in Orchards of Kingsbury Episcopi.

All images copyright – Heather Briggs