The Paper Trail…… Some Stories & Letters from the New World

We have been able to source, find, locate and be given copies of articles and documents relating to emigrants from the Parish from the centuries past – their ‘Paper Trail’. This Paper Trail helps to illustrate and illuminate the lives and times of those who left the Parish.

We depend much on goodwill and the principle of sharing – and thus the record can grow and so too the invisible threads which connect us. What follows are some examples which help to connect a face and a story from about 150 years ago. That these things exist, have survived and been collected is quite remarkable. That they have been cherished and considered as worth looking after says much about the human condition. There are some examples below, three video links – and then links to Emigrant Stories.

Marriage Certificate 1900 – Schenectady

Thomas Best & Annie Bonning – Marriage Certificate.
Schenectady, New York, 9th July 1900.
Witnesses – William Fry & Annie Mounter.
All originally from the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi
Thomas Best

Christmas Day 1842 Nelson NZ

Hard Times in Nelson 1844

Charles Best

Insights – Emigrant Stories

Links below to information gained through researches, arranged by country / destinations. We are always looking for more to add to this collection. Please be in touch if you are able to feed into our work.

Insights from Australia

The Lady Amherst 1849 Passenger Lists to Australia

Insights from New Zealand

Insights from the United States

Insights from Canada