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For almost a century Riverview helped to provide employment both at the site and within homes of the Parish and the wider area. Our work in archiving and recording this part of the economic and social heritage is on-going. For example, we still yet have to find old images of workers outside their homes with their sewing machines…… we hear talk of this.

The links at the foot of this page will take you to collections of photographs given to us by those who worked at Riverview or had close connections with its work and play.

Blackpool outing 1958 :
front row, LtoR : Nellie Bunsten, Muriel Harris, Elsie Townsend ( Kevin Cox’s Gran), Doris Talbot, Heather Lock (Doris’s daughter), Pam Cox ( Elsie T’s daughter, Kevin’s Mum).
Row behind : Viola French, Eva Richards, Ena Tucker, both Mum’s sisters. Don’t know the man or lady just below him, Pat Vaughan ( Sandra Male’s sister) & peeping over her shoulder is Mrs. Mapletoft. I can count 9 in that photo as Glovers.
Names and photograph provided by Jen Tucker.
Lunchtime L to R : Margaret Salisbury, Angela Oaten, Carolyn Elson, Gill Withers

The Millennium group photograph of the Riverview workforce.

Heather Locke & Mary Male retirement photograph.

Marina Male retirement photograph.

Nellie Bunsten, aged 93, on the closing, last day of Riverview
These photographs help to record the work and play, especially of the many women, who worked at Riverview over the years. Enjoy these memories, and please be in touch if you have photographs which can be added to these collections.

Riverview Gloving – Social Events

Bernard White Album

Marie Rogers Album

Riverview 1980 – 2005 Jen Tucker Album