Betty White

Insights from one of the people who worked at Riverview.

I have lived in Kingsbury all my life. I went to Stembridge school and then on to Huish school and then when I left, I went to the gloving factory.
My Mum, Edith Lock, did gloving for the Stoke factory, and also some for Aunt Mill.

We all went to Stoke-sub-Hamdon when Prince Charles came to visit. We got a van load and Alan Stuckey, who was the van driver at the time, took us all up there with our cameras to see Prince Charles, which was very nice. Alan also used to take us to the doctors for our check-up, which was Dr Green down in Water Street, Martock, then – I think it must have been about once a year. I’m not sure, but we all used to have to go out there.

Aunt Mill was very good to us and, her sister, when it was Christmas, she used to cook a turkey and do turkey sandwiches and all the bits and pieces. We all used to get together in the factory – it was lovely; it was like a family really.

Betty White : Memories of working at Riverview : a short film