Doreen Marks

Insights from one of the people who worked at Riverview

I was schooled at Muchelney, with my brother Gordon, and when the school closed, my brother went to Langport junior school and I went on to Huish.
My auntie and my grandmother and my great-aunt all did gloving at home so I knew what gloving involved; but it was different because that was pique at the time, with leather gloves.
When I started I went to Reed’s and got the job and started in April 1965, and a lady called Molly Feadon taught me how to make inseam. I soon picked it up because I did like using the machines and things and I got on really well. Spent hours doing all sorts of different things, and then I started to learn how to do blind topping, on a different machine, which was really good.I used to ride the bicycle to work each day and pick up my mate, Betty Lock as she was……….. she’s Betty White now.

I’ve still got my scissors that I used at work – still use them; and my stretchers, still got those. My father, because some of the fabric was quite difficult to turn, he made me some sticks, as he used to grow withies. I’m a bit rusty now but you put them in and push them up, and it used to make life so much easier when the material was thick and you couldn’t use the stretchers.

Doreen Marks, talking about her work in gloving – a short video.