Sandra Male

Insights from one of the people who worked at Riverview

I was born into a gloving family – my great- grandmother was Mary Jane Reed who started the gloving business in Kingsbury by collecting unmade gloves (called “tranks”) in her pony and trap from various glove factories in Yeovil. She would distribute these from her home, Riverview in Kingsbury, to ladies who lived in and around the village for them to make in their homes. One of her unmarried daughters, Millicent, assisted her and in the early 1950’s, “Aunt Mill” as she became known, had a factory built in the garden of Riverview. Her sister, Beatrice Reed, was my grandmother.
Walter Reed with daughters Millicent & Beatrice

The Reeds of Riverview – A film made with Sandra Male, whose Gt. Grandmother established the gloving business at Riverview, Kingsbury Episcopi.

Aunt Mill : Women by Women, Somerset Films – A film made by Somerset Films and a group of Media Students. It includes an interview with Sandra Male and Jen Tucker, talking about ‘Aunt Mill’.