The Reeds of Riverview

Mary Jane Reed – with youngest daughter Jessica Millicent Reed.

Mary Jane brought the glove parts from Yeovil back to her newly built home, Riverview, in Kingsbury Episcopi. From here they were distributed to women in the village and nearby. They then made up the gloves in their own homes.

Mary Jane returned the finished gloves to the factories in Yeovil and was given the women’s wages, plus commission. With the help of her two daughters, Jessica Millicent and Beatrice Helen, Mary Jane carried on this business until she died in 1936.
The Reeds – of Riverview – taken circa 1914/15. Walter and Mary Jane Reed are the parents of this family of 9 children.

Front Row, L to R : Jane Lovell Reed, Walter Reed , Jessica Millicent Reed (known by the gloving workforce as Aunt Mill) , Mary Jane Reed nee Lovell, founder of the gloving business, Harriet Rosina Reed, Edward George Reed.
Back Row, L to R : Walter John Reed, Beatrice Helen Reed, Edith Priscilla Reed, James Henry Lovell Reed. James was killed in the First World War. Frederick Reed is missing from this photograph.

Millicent Reed
The Reeds on motorbikes
Lassie – Millicent Reed’s dog, with Jen Tucker
Riverview, the Green Hut and the Gloving Factory (top right) – now the site of Threadneedle Close

The use of outworkers led eventually to the on-site provision and development of Riverview as the focus for the business. Above is the Riverview site from the air. Riverview house still remains, but the rest of the site is now housing and called Threadneedle Close. The circular feature – centre top – is an old cider apple grinding trough. In the 1840’s the site was an orchard. To the left of this trough is the Green Hut, erected in the 1940’s, and to the right of the trough is the Factory, as built in the early 1950’s.
Aerial photo of the Avenue with Riverview on the corner facing the road – 1960’s.
Riverview 1980’s.
The clue in the street name. The small parcel of land extending behind this sign contained something quite remarkable of local, regional, national and international significance.

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