The Chorley – Reed Archive

At the foot of this post is a link to take you to an archive of photographs spanning from the 1890’s to the 1960’s. These photographs were collected by Helen Chorley.

Helen Chorley was the niece of Millicent Reed, of J.M.Reed & Co.Ltd. A large number of family photographs came into Helen’s keeping on the death of her Aunt. Helen died in November of 2010 aged 82 years. Helen appears in many of the photographs and played important roles within the factory. When her aunt Millicent became poorly with cancer it was Helen who cared for her. The family photograph archive came into good and safe hands, which is why we have been able to make it accessible now.
Helen left – with Aunt Mill

Photographs – 1890’s to the 1960’s

Workers from the Green Hut.
Back row L to R : Jean Way, Rita Westlake, not known, Jean Warren, Joyce Savage.
centre: Helen Chorley

Helen also took photographs of her own and made collections of writings and observations around the Parish. The albums of photographs, which can be accessed below, help to illustrate aspects of our work – which is about actively seeking out and recording the history and heritage of the Parish.

That the photographs still exist is remarkable, since many are well over 100 years old. They reflect a more reserved and modest approach to both dress and self-image. A student of fashion might find them inspiring and illuminating, especially those from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras.

Some of the photographs are from local studios, some can be named, some are from the USA where many emigrated, some await to be named. Our work is always one in progress. Where there have been names written on the reverse of the original photograph, these are the ones which we have used. Please be in contact if you can help name others and/or make corrections.

Helen Chorley nee Reed, who later married David Morris. It has been David who has supported our work by giving us access to use the photographs collected by Helen.
Our Thanks.

Links to the photo albums of the Chorley-Reed archive in date order can be found below. If you have further related images for any time-period, please be in touch.

Late 19th to early 20th century

1905 – 1920



1940’s – 1960’s