Lower Burrow Farm near Kingsbury Episcopi

Francis J.Perrin

Francis Perrin | Kingsbury Time Travellers | Photo of Local Soldier WW1 Lower Burrow Farm near Kingsbury Episcopi

Rank, service number and regiment

Private 1282, West Somerset Yeomanry/Hussars


Taunton 1915

Home address

Lower Burrow Farm, Lower Burrow

Date of death

3 November 1915

Age of death

24 years

Circumstances of death

The West Somerset Hussars were involved with the Gallipoli Campaign which was generally considered to be a military disaster. The Allies clearly underestimated the capacity of the Turkish forces.
The Dardanelles straits were heavily mined and defended by Turkish coastal forts and gun batteries. The Allies did not advance more than a few hundred metres from the landing shores of Cape Helles and Anzac Cove where they were pinned down.
The allies endured suffocating heat and were surrounded by rotting corpses that drew thick swarms of flies. They lacked water and thousands died from dysentery as disease spread.
Francis died on 3 November 1915. He was on the Hospital Ship Kildonan Castle and was buried at sea off the coast of Gallipoli. It is not clear if he died of wounds or from the dysentery which affected so many Allied troops.

Where buried

As Francis was buried at sea he has no known grave but he is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. This is an obelisk over 30 metres high on the tip of the Gallipoli peninsula – it can be seen by ships passing through the Dardanelles.

Date of birth & full name



Farm labourer


Vile Perrin and Selina (Lily) Perrin (nee Kiddle). Vile was a tenant farmer in 1911 census.

Spouse & children

Francis was unmarried


1915 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.

Other information

Francis had an elder brother Henry and five sisters, Evelyn, Dorothy, Margery, Violet and Kathleen.

In 1891 the Perrin family were at Bere Farm, Aller and in 1901 at High Ham. By 1911 they had moved to Lower Burrow Farm, Lower Burrow, K.E.

There is a plaque erected to Francis by his family in the church of St Martin’s, K.E., see photo below.

Francis Perrin Memorial