WW2 – In Living Memory

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Photograph above from the collection of Barbara Bradford and Barbara Wright

In the KTT archive, there are collections of photographs, films and documents from the time of the Second World War.

Some have come from people born in the Parish; some from people who have come to live here; some from people whose families are connected to the parish in some way. We digitally scan the photographs/documents we receive – and return the originals.

This photograph is titled : “German Zeppelin over Dudmoor Corner” – and it certainly looks like a Zeppelin. What it was doing flying over Kingsbury Episciopi, Somerset, is currently unknown. It came from Leonard Bluck’s archive – Leonard was born in London and came to the Parish as an evacuee in WW2.

We are actively archiving photographs, documents, films of and from the Parish – for the Parish KTT Archive – so please contact us if you have such items which capture a moment in time.

You don’t have to have been born in the Parish – as the examples below illustrate – we are all time travellers.

VE Day celebrations in Leicester 8th May 1945.

Sara Leach, now of Kingsbury Episcopi, sent us this photograph in preparation for the VE Day celebrations in 2020, 75 years on from the end of WW2. Nancy Mawby aged 14 is the girl on the end of the conga line, far left – Sara’s mum.

Mark Leach, Sara’s husband, has an archive of letters about George Edward Ford – killed in Germany 03.08.42. George is shown here, front left. George was Mark’s great-uncle -he was born in South Wales, and went to live in Canada.

You can read the letters here :

Mark Leach’s Archive : George Edward Ford

Olga Hall nee Green of Kingsbury Episcopi gave us this newspaper cutting, from her home area of Durham. Her father was one of the 12 children in the Green family, 11 boys and 1 girl.

The whole family gave war service in one way or another. Those who were in the armed forces all survived. A remarkable story. You can read the full article below:-

Olga Hall : Easington Village War Record – the Green Family.

This newpaper cutting was found on Ancestry by Jan Lovell-Riley of Texas, USA. She is related to the Harvey family, who emigrated from Kingsbury Episcopi to the USA. It contains excerpts from a letter written in 1941 by Agnes (nee Harvey) in Brighton to her brother John Harvey in Kansas, Jan’s great-grandfather. Agnes’s letter tells John about life in England during the Nazi bombings in WW2.

Agnes and John were the children of George Harvey, the shoe/boot maker of Stembridge – who used to operate from the brick building near to the School. The building became The Sausage Shop in the late 20th century, and is now in private use.

You can read excerpts from the letter here :

Jan Lovell-Riley’s Archive – the Manhattan Mercury 21 Aug 1941

Photograph of Alan Manning – Royal Navy. Photo cut to fit an oval frame.

A note from Maud Manning of East Lambrook, who saved all these items, reads as follows:-

“Alan’s photo. His hat, collar, scarve have been in the cupboard for 73 yrs?????”

What have you got in your cupboard?

The community VE Day commemorations on the 8th May 2020 were cancelled in the Parish due to Covid 19 – which prevented large gatherings of people. This image was used on a Memory Card, which people were invited to fill in with the names of anyone in their family who lived through the war years, where-ever they were from.

A photo album : VE Day Celebrations in Kingsbury Episocpi – 50 years on – 1995 – from a collection of Barbara Bradford and Barbara Wright.

A short film : VE Day 75 years on – the cancelled exhibition – Tower One

Kit Bag/Sea Bag of Reg Vaughan, of HMS Devonshire, WW2.
Now in the collection of Sandra Male, his daughter.

What have you got in your family archive? Contact us and take part…..