May the Almighty bless thee with the blessings of heaven above, and the mountains and the valleys, and the blessings of deep below, with the blessings of Grapes and Apples. Bless, O Lord, the courage of these Princes and Princesses, and prosper the work of their hands; and by thy blessing may this land be filled with Apples, with the fruit and dew of heaven, from the top of the ancient mountains, from the Apples of the eternal hills, from the fruits of the earth and its fullness.

Saxon Coronation Benediction circa - 800 A.D.

Cider Families

& the local area

Insights into the growing of cider apples and the production of cider through photographs, documents relating to a number of families, past and present. Compiled with the help and support of those family members.

A number of short films taken around the Parish helping to illustrate the cider business.

Contact us and take part. You can make additions to our Cider Archive – Kingsbury Episcopi @ the heart of Ciderland with your own materials, insights & connections on cider matters.

Local Cider Families . . .

Insights into the work of cider families of the Parish.

Miss Lucy Watts on her last night as Landlady Of The Rusty Axe, Stembridge 1950. From the archive of Jen Tucker whose parents took over the pub.