How we work...

Conducting interviews with local families - to record people, places and events connected with the Parish.

Researching Parish history using maps, online resources, and the archives at Somerset Heritage Centre.
Digitally archiving photos, maps and documents by scanning to a high resolution.

Recording contemporary events in the Parish through film and photographs.

Them Bells -Film

The original film of Kingsbury Episcopi made in 2004-5. Made with, and inspired by, people of the village. The poem is read by Molly Bishop, born in the village in 1906.

Holding events in local venues

Sharing with an audience - photos, documents, stories and artefacts that have come to light. Promoting opportunities for people to tell their own histories in a social setting, fostering greater community engagement.

...and what we do

Publishing regular posts on our Facebook page: Kingsbury Episcopi Parish Archiving Group.

Writing articles for Parrett Talk, the Parish magazine, sharing news about projects and items that have come into the archive.
Fostering links with families connected with the Parish.

Connecting with neighbouring Local History groups and other organisations who share our interests in recording and making accessible the history and culture of the area.