Recording Events

The Kingsbury Time Travellers archive and record events in the life of the Civil Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi. We rely on local people donating to the archive any photographs, films and documents relating to the Parish, which we can make accessible in a number of different ways:

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In this way, the heritage and culture of the Parish is shared more widely, across generations and beyond the Parish boundaries.

The banner image at the head of this page is a scene which could be taken from a medieval painting. In fact it shows a field of thatching straw harvested in 2016, belonging to local thatcher Tom Dunbar of Milton, formerly of Church Street, Kingsbury Episcopi.

Photographs donated to the archive….some examples

Before mobile phones and the ease of digital photography, many individuals and families took relatively few photographs, mainly on special occasions and holidays, due to the expense of cameras, buying the films and the costs of developing the photographs. Thus, the more limited number of photos and films of the 19th and 20th centuries are valuable items, significant in helping us understand the life the Parish. We scan old photographs, and make digital copies of old films and the occasional audio recordings. We also record current residents through making short films, and now have an extensive digital archive.

Some very early photographs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries were published in “The Way We Were” in 1997 by Kingsbury Episcopi History Group. This book was followed by “In Living Memory” in 2003, which recorded people, places and events within the living memory of residents of the Parish, particularly the 1940s, 50s and 60s. In 2020 the history group, now under the name of the Kingsbury Time Travellers, published a third book – about the Gloving Industry in Kingsbury. It captures the work and social events of the glovers who were employed by the Reed family of Riverview, and then Southcombes of Stoke Sub Hamdon, for almost 100 years. The Glove Factory at Riverview closed in 2005.

Photograph dating from circa 1910, on page 21 of “The Way We Were “, published in 1997

Archiving More Recent Events People & Place

For centuries local people have been recording, collecting and saving documents, objects and images relating to their lives in the Parish. In this digital age, photographs and films have made recording easier – and so the archive grows.

The May Festival, held on the May Day Bank Holiday, and the Party by the Parrett which is in July, are both major events in the year of the Parish. A variety of smaller events are held throughout the year in local venues – the local pubs, the Wesley Rooms at the Methodist Church, the School Rooms of East Lambrook, K.E. Primary School, Burrow Hill Cider Farm, the Church Rooms of Kingsbury, and the Community Centre. As these events have grown in popularity, so too has the preparation, much of which is invisible to the general public. The film below is an example of the short films made to record such events. It shows a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’ preparation for the 2015 May Festival, filmed at Magnolia, the home of Gillian and Maurice Fawcett.

Film : 2015 May Festival – Signwriting

Some KTT events – at which we share photographs, documents, memories and short films