Setting Sail – The Shipping Lists

100 years of emigration to :


Lack of work and economic depression, together with the attraction of opportunities offered by the New World, have resulted in many families from the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi having connections – known and unknown – across the oceans of the world.

Janet Lute, who lives in North Carolina and has close connections with the Parish, has compiled a number of Shipping Lists for our research and archiving work. These can be found at the end of this section. They have been arrived at, in part, through her access to online records and materials researched in her former employment at a library in an academic institution. For the past 3 years she has led and devoted herself to this project, an immense piece of work, which is organic and continues to grow. We trust the lists will stimulate conversations and further personal research into family ties and connections around the world.

We already have many photographs, documents, contacts and indeed, visitors, following and seeking their family ties with the Parish. You can find these in the sections :

Face to Face : The Paper Trail : Hands Across The Water

This work is on-going, aided by the power of the digital world and the energies of Janet and others. A number of people from around the world have supported and fed into our work. They have given time, information, documents, photographs and advice. As more people come across our work on this aspect of the history of the Parish, we would like you to be in contact with us.

For now, and for this part of the KTT website to-date, many thanks to:- Mick Richards in Schenectady, New York; the Gibbs of Illinois; Tony Bambury in Australia; Joan Isaac, Les & Hugh Male in Kingsbury Episcopi; Jan Lovell Riley in Texas; Sarah Hawkins; Frank Willy in Bristol; and Jennifer Neill in South Australia.
Hands Across the Water – in search of roots…….

David Gibb, Hugh Male, Margaret Gibb & the owner of Sunshine Cottage, Stembridge.
The ancestors of the Gibbs, now in Illinois, once owned and lived in the Cottage.
The Male family originally built parts of it in the early 19th century and Hugh’s grandparents lived in it in the early 20th century.

David & Margaret Gibb from Illinois USA

– a short video of their visit to Kingsbury Episcopi

The Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi

Including the settlements of Thorney, Kingsbury Episcopi, Stembridge, Higher Burrow, Lower Burrow, Burrow, West Lambrook, Mid Lambrook, East Lambrook , Southay and Lake.

Kingsbury Episcopi Migrant Destinations

New York State : main emigrant destinations – Schenectady & Albany

Illinois USA : main emigrant destinations

Australia : main emigrant destinations

New Zealand : main emigrant destination – Nelson

The Shipping Lists & Insights

Analysis of migrants from Kingsbury Episcopi – as on the following Shipping Lists

Shipping List – a short summary of the 1,179 people who emigrated from the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset 1814-1914

Shipping List – full details on an Excel Spreadsheet, of the 1,179 people who emigrated from the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset 1814-1914

The Emigration Wave of Kingsbury Episcopi : An overview published in ‘The Greenwood Tree’ by Janet Lute June 2020

From Somerset to Schenectady : an article published in ‘The Greenwood Tree’ by Janet Lute, Sept.2020

Call from Down Under: an article published in ‘The Greenwood Tree’ by Janet Lute, Dec. 2020

Kingsbury Trail to New Zealand: an article published in ‘The Greenwood Tree’ by Janet Lute, March 2021

Australia : Notes on Migration
Emigrant Numbers by Destination – bar graph
Emigrant Numbers by Decade – line graph
The Lady Amherst 1849 Passenger List to Australia
Canada : Notes on Migration
New Zealand : Notes on Migration
Nelson, New Zealand : Notes on Early Settlers