Withy Strippers, Stembridge



Westmoor, the River Parrett
& the Lambrook Brook

Insights into some of the willow-growing families of the Parish, for whom we have been able to gain insights, documents, films & photographs.

Westmoor & Withies : Introduction - Evolution
Offers some brief, and hopefully, thought-provoking insights and ideas about the context for the work of these Withy Families.

Mills, bridges, photos, films, maps and documents - a river runs through it. In pre-historic times the River Parrett and the Lambrook Brook would have been like a super highway. They offered running water, wildlife, fish, transport and movement of people and goods and connection, locally and further afield to what was the Bristol Channel, to Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond.

Westmoor is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. In this section are photos, maps, films, literary references and primary sources, and historic information about the Moor. It is merely an introduction for the visitor and perhaps a stimulus for anyone wishing to find out more. . .

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Many people, near and far, have helped us in collecting the materials for this section of the website. Our work is always an on-going process whereby we can update and add to this site as new materials and insights turn up. Through word of mouth and a variety of media we are connected near and far. When it comes to matters connected to Withies, Westmoor and The River Parrett – and you have photos, documents, insights etc which relate to this theme - please be in touch: info@kingsburytimetravellers.org.uk

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The Willow Story

An extract from the colour, silent film made in the early 1950’s. In this extract the harvest is brought home in ‘withy’ boats on Westmoor.

This is a family film which records the withy business of the Male Family of Stembridge, filmed and produced by Mona Chedzoy, a sister-in-law to the family.

The button will take you to the complete, 36 minute film : The Willow Story: The Male Family of Stembridge, 1950s.

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The Withy Breakers

From the Archive of Brian & Elaine Heathman