Overseas Links

Many families from the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi have connections – known and unknown – in North America, New Zealand and Australia. This is due to emigration from the Parish, particularly from the middle of the 19th century into the early decades of the 20th century. The causes of this emigration included economic depression and land enclosure, leading to low wages and unemployment, together with the attraction of opportunities offered by the New World.

During the past three years, Janet Lute, a colleague with connections to the Parish, has been at the centre of a large piece of quite unique research into those who left the Parish between 1800 and 1900. Janet has been the driving force behind this project and the work is detailed in our website section titled : Emmigration. The work has been supported with the participation of many people from Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada, who are descendants of those emigrants. The power and potential of the internet has made this possible and relatively straightforward. We have regular contact from a growing global network and we encourage and seek such contacts so that we can add to the project.

Setting Sail : Face to Face : Paper Trail : Making Connections

These are the four themes within the Emigration section:

Setting Sail : deals with the background to the exodus from the Parish to the ‘New World’, along with destinations. Separate and researched notes and data have been gathered for these destinations.

Face to Face : a collection of five albums of original photographs in alphabetical order, which help to bring to life those who left the Parish for the New World during the 19th century.

The Paper Trail : contains stories and letters, which illustrate something of the new lives and times of those who left the Parish. These have been found and given by families in different locations in support of our work.

Making Connections : In this section are contacts, sources and examples for anyone who might wish to pursue connections and links with the Parish & its familes. Our work depends and thrives on people around the world who are in some way connected to our small parcel of land – the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, UK.

PDF : The Emigration Wave of Kingsbury Episcopi : An Overview

The Shipping Lists

One of the elements of the Emmigration section we have called “The Shipping Lists”. These Lists contain information on almost 1000 people who left the Parish 1814-1914 with such information as names, year of birth & death, birthplace in the Parish, spouse’s name, destination and arrival date. The Lists can act as a starting point for those researching their family roots and connections.

PDF : The Shipping Lists

Making Connections

Janet Lute’s work has acted as a catalyst to draw together many strands of our work. Through the involvement of many individuals with connections to the Parish, we have been able to collect hundreds of images and stories of the lives of those who left the Parish for the ‘New World’. These can be accessed in detail through the main Emmigration section. Making Connections helps to promote the act of family history and the active search for information and connections. The following family collections can act as examples of connections that have been made…….a taster. As with all things it is a ‘work in progress’.

Jan Lovell Riley, USA : Photograph Album : Best – Harvey – Quantock ; PDF : Family Information Documents.
Mick Richards, USA : Photograph Album : Bambury – Best – Clark – Dimmock – Duck – Richards
Alan Tilley, USA :  Photograph Album : Tilley – Manning – Watson
Jenny Niell, Australia : Photograph Album : Grinter – Hallett – Russ ; PDF : Family Information Documents