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To care for a place you need to know its story….is one of the key ideas behind our work

Many thanks to all who were able to turn up in person for the last two events in the Church Rooms. For both events, all the seats were taken and cake was abundant. Thanks to all who cooked and provided this feast. The donations for the first event were given to the DEC Ukranian Appeal and we were able to send off over £300. The donations for the second will go towards our public liability insurance, hall hire, and on-going costs such as website fees.

The ideas behind the first event, led by Stephen Honey of Muchelney Abbey, took us on a journey through time from the Romans to the Normans, with reference to Somerset and our local area. We intend to revisit some of these themes since they will dovetail well into our “ Evolution of The Parish” Project.

The second event, led by John Rickard, of the Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group, is connected to the first, though in relatively more recent times, as evidenced in the buildings that remain in our surroundings. His emphasis was focussed on ‘learning to see’ what is in our everyday surroundings. Our older – vernacular buildings – have evolved over time and they help to tell our story.

There was a small exhibition of bits of old buildings from the Parish – rod & daub wall, tusk & tenon roofing timber, an ancient elm door plank, door and window fittings from a number of buildings and a shutter from Knapp House, which was the Parish Poor House. Thanks to Richard & Kirsten Lean for the loan of this. If buildings could talk, I would love to hear conversations, either kept in or let out through these shutters. The Poor House inclusion helped to reference the story of the parish, the county and the nation at this time. The inclusion in the little exhibition of the 1841 Census data showed that there were 30 plus people, young and old, housed in what still is one of the largest buildings of the Parish, built in 1798.

Reference too was made to the Westmoor Enclosure Act of 1833, which in effect removed the ‘commons’ from the local working population. Gone were rights to graze, hunt and to forage, which added to hardship. This added to the stimulus for emigration, and one of the images which has turned up from America has been from the descendants of one of the families shown in the 1830s census…. The Mounters.

We have power of the internet to connect across the waters and so encourage things to turn up. It all helps to develop our work in finding out a bit more about the story of where we live. The House Whisperer event gave a great opportunity to thank the 20 plus owners of houses into which we have been invited over the past few years to add to the story of our buildings. It also provided an opportunity for other owners to flag up an interest in having their buildings studied and so the work continues and will be built upon moving forward ……onwards …… upwards…..

Two Sunday afternoons in the Church Rooms – Spring 2022

These illustrated talks will help us to begin to understand how the Parish has evolved. Together they form part of our Settlement Study Project. Both run from 2.30 – 4.00pm – Church Rooms, Church Street, Kingsbury Episcopi. TA12 6AU

MIND THE GAP – Sunday 13th March ; THE HOUSE WHISPERER – Sunday 3rd April

All welcome – there is no booking or entry fee. We would like you to feel you could make a donation to our work… meet a whole range of expenses…..We can now take card payments as well as cash, which should make the whole process of giving easier.

Past Events

Kingsbury Time Travellers organise and deliver a number of events each year, working with families, children and local people. We aim to make them open and accessible to all. The images below give a flavour of the events we have put on since 2015.

Parrett Talk is the Kingsbury Episcopi Area Newsletter. It is published 6 times a year, and contains news, updates, items of local interest, Parish Council minutes and Diary Dates for local organisations. Every household within the civil parish of Kingsbury Episcopi gets a printed copy delivered to their door, there are copies in the Community Shop, and it is also available on-line.

You can find a link to the most recent edition here:

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